Gaiatronik is the portfolio of Kevin Tahara, a visual artist specializing in videography, motion graphics and animation.

I’m passionate about creating fun and interesting projects that incorporate video, visual effects and animation. It never ceases to amaze me how a few precisely timed words with sound and music can motivate and excite the eyes, while the use of color and pattern can quickly convey different moods and affect the senses.


I’ve designed motion graphics and visual effects for a variety of screens and spaces, from phones and televisions to billboards, stadiums, and everything in-between. I love animation, but the combination of video and motion graphics are truly compelling to me. With video, I can quickly capture, edit and enhance an image as needed. Whether it’s to tell a story, inspire the imagination or to entice a viewer to make a purchase &emdash; using video as a tool to evoke an emotional response is powerful and fascinating. You can create virtually anything imaginable.


Most of my recent work has been for television but lately, I’ve been designing a variety of online videos, projection mapping and interactive art, which I’ll also feature here from time to time. In order to break my art out of the screen, I’ve been dabbling with 3D printing, CNC milling, ceramics, and metal, to create physical objects from my digital design work. Some of my tools and experiments I’ll share here too, for you to use and enjoy as I make them.


Most of my inspiration comes from patterns in nature. I get my best ideas when I’m out hiking with my dogs, with plenty of fresh air in amazing landscapes. My awe of the world around me is the motivation for this site. Gaiatronik is a blend of natural design philosophy and technological arts, which is the basis for most of my work.

Feel free to send me a message if you’d like to discuss a project or share something interesting.