Audi R8

This R8 was created as part of a visual effects reel. Responsible for lighting design and art direction.

Scion xD

A CGI portfolio piece of a stylized Scion xD. Lighting, rendering and art direction by Kevin Tahara. Produced for XYZ Graphics.


As CG Supervisor at ATTIK, I produced the visual effects for the this :30 broadcast spot for the Scion 09 tC and the pre-vis for the outdoor billboard spectacular.

Audi 3 car family

Part of a test for Audi, this CGI photograph was used to win the Audi account. The agency was ecstatic and XYZ graphics went on to produce all 2010 models. […]

PG&E Climate Smart

On a shoestring budget and a tight turnaround, the client asked to have a pre-existing SUV house to be made to animate, so the interior and appliances could be seen. […]

Lucas Arts Fracture

I was approached by a client, to produce 3D animation and visual effects in a roadblock banner for the release of Lucas Arts’ Fracture game. I was producer and art […]

T-Mobile Sidekick

The challenge was to create a true to life image of a T-Mobile Sidekick for use in outdoor large print ads. The agency wasn’t convinced it could be done well, […]

Water Lily

A “water lily” sculpted in 3D to highlight the ability to use CGI for print in a more creative and organic way. I was producer and responsible for all art […]

Audi A6

An Audi A6 rendered and retouched from a hand modeled mesh to match pre-existing Audi style references. Responsible for all artistic and creative direction. Produced for XYZ Graphics.

Lexus IS F

Complete Lexus ISF microsite for ATTIK. For the launch of this premiere vehicle, we created a rich media microsite. Responsible for all CGI animation, 3D Flash game and special effects.

Little Deviant

Little Deviant was a Flash microsite produced for Scion while at Attik. I was CG Supervisor and Sr. Design Technologist, responsible for all CGI animation and technical direction, as well […]

Scion xB Launch

For the launch of the Scion xB ’09 release, Attik created a massive multi-world interactive experience, I was responsible for creation of interactive flash graphics, games and widgets with […]